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fake iMac on the sidewalk.

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Cherry button h/t Beyoncé

Cherry button h/t Beyoncé

there was nobody there :-)

copper penny

Happy Seattle Trans Pride! (I have about 15 buttons each. Come talk to me if you want them!)


Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization (FeND) is a network of activists and scholars resisting both Japanese and U.S. colonialisms.

Founders of FeND are individuals living in the U.S. who have roots in Japan. We are organizing in response to the recent surge of ultra-right wing historical revisionist mobilization among some members of Japanese (not Japanese-American) community in Southern California, who are suing the City of Glendale, California over its public memorial dedicated to the victims of WWII-era “comfort women” system of the Japanese Imperial Army.

We also oppose the U.S. military presence in Okinawa, Hawai’i, and the rest of the Asia-Pacific, the Japanese re-militarization, and the settler colonialism of Japanese and European settlers in North America and the Pacific.


FeNDの創立者は、米国在住の日本にルーツをもつ人たちです。わたしたちは、南カリフォルニアにおける、在米日本人(日系アメリカ人ではありません)の一部による、極右の歴史修正主義運動に対抗するために当団体を立ち上げました。こうした極右歴史修正主義者らは、 日本軍「慰安婦」制度の被害者たちに捧げられた銅像を建てたカリフォルニア州グレンデール市に対して、訴訟を起こしています


red dot means “do not photograph me.” i wear it not for my privacy, but because i don’t want to be used in official publication to “show diversity.”

I recently moved into a transitional housing apartment for women. Along with some furnitures, I found this (and only this) book in my new room.

The book contained such helpful advices like this:

Wow, I bet most women have never heard such an incredible advice! *smirk*